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  • Stylish nightlife attire required

  • No athletic gear ie: jerseys, sweatpants, hoodies, tracksuits, shorts, baseball hats (must be checked in at coat check), etc.

  • No bandanas, biker vests, plain white t-shirts or tank tops

  • Men must wear closed-toed shoes.

  • No work boots will be admitted unless approved by management

  • Men must wear pants; no shorts, or cutoffs will be permitted

  • No overly baggy clothes

  • No tank tops or sleeveless shirts for men

  • Pants must be worn at waist level, not below

  • Backpacks must be checked in at coat check

  • All button-up shirts must be buttoned up

  • No Hoods can be worn on the head while on the premises

  • Clothing with vulgar, lewd or inappropriate language will not be permitted

  • Management reserves all rights 

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