Blue was designed to be a vibrant social club in the vein of New York's vinyl age for those who wish to extend their evening after dining at The Ribbon, grab a pre- or post- theatre snack, or listen to some late-night tunes. Music serves as the universal theme, with a design celebrating NYC's great musical heritage and paying homage to some of the city's most iconic recording artists. Specially commissioned murals frm artist Alex Yost encircle the space, creating a gallery of NY musical icons with a nod to Picasso's "blue period" of the early 20th century.

Music programming for Blue features curated DJs playing Funk, Blues, Soul, R&B, Rock and Jazz. Blue will be a neighborhood destination for those seeking a more refined and curated entertainment experience, coupled with a relaxed yet elevated atmosphere of a boutique lounge, Blue seeks to eschew the trappings of "traditional" nightlight in favor of a more cultured and inclusive approach.

Blue Midtown

220 W 44th Street

New York, NY 10036

Hours of Operation

Friday 5pm-4am

Saturday/Sunday 11pm - 4am

Monday-Thursday: Private Events

Phone Number

(212) 944-2470


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220 W 44th ST, NEW YORK, NY 10036